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Monthly Archives: October 2015

Term 1 Test

The term 1 test will be on Thursday: It will cover the following topics: 1) Graphing Quadratic Functions 2) Factoring quadratics 3) Solving Quadratic equations by using square roots 4) Complex Numbers 5) Quadratic Formula The test will be open notes. The above topics all have their own posts and notes on the website. Review … Continue reading »

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Complex Numbers

Essential Question 1: How do you perform operations with complex numbers? Essential Question 2: How do you solve quadratic equations with complex number solutions? (831)

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Quiz Thursday (10/22)

The quiz tomorrow will be based on Factoring Quadratics and solving quadratics by taking square roots. Please see previous posts for the notes on these two topics. (1043)

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Mr. Ihle’s perfect squares table

Here is a table Mr. Ihle made that shows all perfect square up to 900. This will be a good resource for this unit. Perfect Squares Sheet1 (732)

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Mr. Ihle’s Factoring table

Here is a link to Mr. Ihle’s factoring table. It shows all the factors up to 100. This will be helpful for this unit Factors Table Positive Numbers (821)

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