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Monthly Archives: November 2017

CPI – Matrix Operations

*****Note: CPII will not be formally evaluated on Matrices****     EQ1: How do you add, subtract, multiply and solve matrix equations?   (415)

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6.1 Properties of Exponents quiz Tomorrow (11/21)

There will be a properties of exponents quiz tomorrow for all classes. Also, tutoring tomorrow has been cancelled due to holiday pie distribution at the close of school.   (448)

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No afterschool session tomorrow (11/21)

Due to the holiday pie distribution tomorrow at the end of school, there will be no tutoring session on 11/21 from 2:08-3:00. The next tutoring session will be 11/28. I will be available tomorrow before homeroom if anyone would like to review material from 7:15-7:40 in rm 3030. (331)

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Quiz/Test Thursday (CPII/CPI)

Below are some notes from the Wed review session. It will cover complex numbers and the quadratic formula. Here are the links to the lecture notes when we first covered these topics:   (498)

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Properties of Exponents (6.1)

Essential Question 1: How do you use properties of exponents to simplify expressions involving powers? Here is a copy of the homework Homework day 1 Here is a copy of the homework homework day 2     (1664)

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Last Chance for term 1 tutoring is TODAY! (11/7)

There is a tutoring session today that should be taken advantage of if you want tutoring or a chance to retake a quiz. Today is it for term 1. At 3:00 today grades are set in stone. Must be in the room before 2:10 if you are attending. (380)

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