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Author Archives: Algebra Note Taker

12.1 – The Fundamental Counting Principle and Permutations

  Essential Question 1: How do you use the fundamental counting principle on real world examples? Essential Question 2: How do you calculate factorials? i.e. : N! (719)

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Lauria/Ihle Extra help switched from 1/15 to 1/17 THIS WEEK ONLY!!!


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Midyear Exam Review Notes

I will continue to update this post until the exam. check back weekly for updates. (100)

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Afterschool Extra Help

I would like to remind everyone that my tutoring day is Tuesday. Please feel free to come with or without questions to review any material we have learned to date, or to potentially preview what is to be coming. For the sake of time, if you come with a list of either what you know … Continue reading »

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Number sense with complex numbers


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Geometric Sequences


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Term 1 Test Review Notes


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Complex Numbers

Essential Question 1: How do you perform operations with complex numbers? Essential Question 2: How do you solve quadratic equations with complex number solutions? Homework/classwork 5.4a 1-6 and 19-21   (1280)

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Introduction to Sequences and Series

    Arithmetic Sequences An arithmetic sequence is a sequence in which the difference between each consecutive term is constant. An arithmetic sequence can be defined by an explicit formula in which an = d (n - 1) + c, where d is the common difference between consecutive terms, and c = a1. An arithmetic sequence can also be defined recursively by the formulas a1 = c, an+1 = an + d, in which d is … Continue reading »

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Graphing Sine and Cosine Waves


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