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Economic Principles

Economic Principles 2019-2020 Grading Rubric

CP2 – Economic Principles Grading Rubric Participation/Class Notebook = 25% – Participation grades will be given every day there is new material presented. – Participation will be partially evaluated by showing that the question of the day has been written down in a single continuous notebook in order and answered correctly by an example. ANY LOST … Continue reading »

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Afterschool Extra Help

I would like to remind everyone that my tutoring day is Tuesday. Please feel free to come with or without questions to review any material we have learned to date, or to potentially preview what is to be coming. For the sake of time, if you come with a list of either what you know … Continue reading »

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Quantitative Considerations When Obtaining a Car

Below Is the link to the groupwork   YOU DO NOT NEED TO CALCULATE EXCISE TAX, JUST SALES TAX Buying a car link (260)

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Welcome to 2018-2019 Economic Principles

Welcome (174)

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