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Informed Consent

Posted by on November 9, 2015


- MGL 231, 85p (establishes the age of majority as 18)

- MGL 112, 12e (12 or older found drug dependent by >= two physicians may consent to treatment; parents not responsible for payment)

- MGL 112 12f (emergency treatment of minors if married, widowed, divorced, parenting, military, pregnant, living separate, disease dangerous ****can’t consent to abortion or sterilization***)

- 1979, Baird v. Bellotti (establishes mature minor doctrine ***therapist can determine if minor is mature and in best interest to not notify parent/guardian***)


- AMHCA code of ethics

- ACA code of ethics

- AAMFT code of ethics

- APA code of ethics

- AMHCA 1.a.1 (respect client dignity and promote client welfare; clear with parameters of the counseling relationship)

- AMHCA 1.b.2 (clients have the right to know and understand what is expected, and how info is used, and freedom of choice in their health care professional)


- making sure there is informed consent before beginning any services

- provide info so clients can make informed choices

- informed consent is ongoing


- informed consent policy

- professional disclosure statement

- client’s bill of rights (560)

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